Booking your travel with an accredited true travel agent/advisor ensures your trip includes the best price, lower price after booking where applicable, assistance if anything goes wrong, assurance all the aspects are included (tourist visas, flights, transfers, hotel, and more), travel insurance options with better coverage/pricing, shore excursion options with better pricing, and so much more.  I have also sailed and traveled around the world on all the major ocean and river cruise lines as well as escorted groups/tours, all inclusive resorts,  and more - I have that first hand experience as a traveler! Remember, anyone can become a travel "agent" - be sure you only book with true producing real agents/advisors with real accredidations, training, and travel experience!  The travel industry is not licensed so be careful - just google an agent/advisor to determine their real true credentials!  I can always beat or match any cruise line or travel supplier and typically always beat the pricing.  I can offer group rates, extra amenities, low cost consolidator international air tickets, and so much more that you as a consumer cannot get online or direct with any cruise line or supplier!   

I am a top 5 producing agent of over 3500 agents nationwide with my agency AND I am one of only 17 Elite Cruise Counselor Scholars in the U.S. - this is the TOP  credential to sell/offer cruises by the Cruise Line Industry Association (CLIA)!  I am also a Certified Travel Advisor with the Travel Institute and a CLIA Luxury Cruise Specialist.  And I work hard for my clients - remember I work for YOU my client, not the cruise line or travel supplier!

I am available to my clients 24/7 365 days a year.  I typically respond to emails within a hour or if after hours by 7:00 a.m. next morning.  I can be reached anytime on my cell and have access to your file and information at all times to assist you during travel or if there is any type of emergency.  

Booking direct with any cruise line or supplier means you are paying full price for anything you purchase from that cruise line while I can always typically offer lower cruise fares, more amenities, lower cost travel insurance, and more!   My agency has group rates, amenities, and more that you cannot get direct from the cruise line or supplier - our buying power means we get extra perks for our clients that a direct consumer does not!  And why not shop me?  Nothing to lose to let me show you the savings, extra amenities, and service/experience!

And don't forget all the consumers/travelers that booked online or direct and had travel cancelled during the pandemic - they had NO one to assist them!  Online supplier like went out business leaving thousands without trips and refunds!  Travelers could not reach Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, and others for assistance and folks stranded in other countries!  My clients were all compensated, rebooked, refunded, and fully taken care of!  I sat on hold many hours taking care of my clients so they did not have the stress!

And please beware the travel "clubs" and timeshares - all are scams and rob consumers of travel dollars - remember, if it sounds to good to be true...... please don't waste your time and certainly don't waste your money!

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